Why do I need a Cosmetica Fridge?

There are many health benefits associated with storing your beauty products in a Cosmetica Fridge. It is a more hygienic and convenient alternative to help prolong the shelf-life of your favourite skincare and cosmetics! A lot of skincare brands now use less preservatives in their formulations, meaning the products break down faster, causing them to expire quickly. Storing these products in cold conditions will reduce the chances of bacteria growing which can cause acne or other skin issues.

Applying cool skincare products will not only allow for a deeper penetration into your skin, it will also temporarily soothe and reduce facial puffiness. The cooling effect will also reduce eye bags, boosts circulation and tightens the appearance of large pores.

And I mean, who doesn't love to apply a refreshing, cold face masque after a long day at work? 


Why can't I use my normal kitchen fridge?

When using a normal kitchen fridge, you always have to ensure your beauty products are sealed correctly in zip locks and away from children. Using a dedicated mini fridge like the Cosmetica Fridge for your beauty products will prevent cross-contamination. It will also reduce the chances of irregular temperatures in your kitchen fridge to affect your holy grails' effectiveness.

Having a Cosmetica Fridge means you can personalise your very own beauty fridge with whatever products you want and it won't smell like last night's take-out or mouldy cheese. 


What can I store in my Cosmetica Fridge?

There are a lot of face care essentials that you can store in your Cosmetica Fridge! Examples include:

  • Facial tools e.g. Gua Sha and Jade Rollers
  • Face masques
  • Serums - Especially ones with active ingredients such as Vitamin C to prevent oxidation
  • Gel-based moisturisers and creams
  • Eye creams
  • Nail polish
  • Facial mists
  • Aloe Vera
  • Body gel


What can't I store in my Cosmetica Fridge?

While you might get carried away and want to store everything in your Cosmetica Fridge, there are certain products that are are better stored in room-temperature conditions. These include:

  • Oil-based products and serums
  • Fragrances

Make sure you always check the usage and storing instructions on the back of every cosmetic product.


How cold can the Cosmetica Fridge get? 

The Cosmetica Fridge can reach as cold 3˚C (37˚F) at 25˚C ambient temperature. It can also heat up to 60˚C (140˚F) by simply changing the switch on the back.


What are the dimensions of the Cosmetica Fridge?

 The dimensions are: 23.3 cm x 17.4 cm x 24.1 cm



Where do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?

Cosmetica Fridge ships within Australia and Worldwide! We currently offer FREE standard shipping on all Australian orders. As for our International friends, we are working every day to try and find the most affordable shipping rates.


How long does shipping take once I place my order?

Upon placing your order, please allow 1 business day for your order to be dispatched. You will subsequently receive a confirmation email with a tracking number and link inside.

For Australian orders, the estimated shipping timeframes are:

  • Standard: 3-5 business days - Please allow up to 7 business days for regional areas
  • Express: 1-3 business days 

For International Express orders: 4-7 business days 


What happens if I change my mind or want to cancel the order?

We do not offer any refunds due to change of mind. As our orders are processed immediately, we cannot accept order cancellations.

If your fridge is still in original condition, we can however offer exchanges within 14 days if you would like to select a different color.

Note: we cannot accept exchanges for used products due to hygiene reasons.


What happens if my order is damaged?

If for any reason your Cosmetica Fridge is damaged or defective, please email us at care@cosmeticafridge.com with pictures/videos attached within 24 hours of receiving it. Please ensure you include your order number so we can expedite the process.

If deemed damaged or defective, our team will happily assist in exchanging your order within 7 days of receiving the fridge. 

Note: we cannot accept exchanges for used products due to hygiene reasons. 


Does Cosmetica Fridge offer warranty? 

Yes! The Cosmetica Fridge offers 1 year warranty should you experience a manufacturing fault. Please email care@cosmeticafridge.com for any warranty-related inquiries.